Learn To Stabilize Your Camera With SimpleBGC

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Follow Mode

The follow mode allows you to move the target angle by simply rotating the gimbal frame without having to use a remote control or a joystick. Usually it's only used for yaw and pitch axes (and not for roll).

If you have a 2-axis gimbal the process goes like this: choose Follow PITCH,ROLL, then set Follow ROLL start, deg to 90 and Follow ROLL mix, deg to 0. Now the target angle of your pitch axis follows your movements, but roll keeps its angle at 0.

For 3-axis gimbals the Follow YAW box should be selected.

Follow Mode

To have leeway/freedom, you can put some deadband. The number represents the range of stationary angle. When you go over that angle, the camera will start to follow. This is effective at getting rid of shaking while still keeping the general needed direction.

To make the rotations smoother you can increase the LPF in the RC Settings or maybe play with the Expo curve and SPEED values in the Follow Mode tab.

Estimate frame angles from motors is a setting that should increase the range of functioning angles. It does however require:

  1. correct number of poles (in the Basic tab)
  2. motors not missing steps
  3. offset (in the Follow Mode tab).

Since you can have many profiles, you might want at least one engaging in follow mode, while keeping the others at the disabled state.